Women and Girls Manifesto 2019

This general election offers an opportunity for all political parties to explicitly support equality for women. Women’s lives Have changed significantly in the last 50 years but there is still lots of work to do.

Download the Women and Girls Manifesto 2019 here.





We are a coalition of 33 organisations striving for gender equality and women’s human rights. We call on candidates from across the political spectrum to adopt policies to redress the imbalances in our society that harm all women and girls, especially those who are further marginalised by race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation or disability. We call on candidates to commit to:

  • Secure women’s equal representation in politics

  • End violence against women and girls

  • Promote equality in the workplace and in the home

  • Invest in public services

  • Lift women & children out of poverty

Helen Pankhurst, Chair of the Centenary Action Group said:

"To be truly represented, diverse women need to be at the policy-making table, ensuring their experiences and perspectives are heard. Yet, with a disproportionate number leaving politics citing abuse and attacks on social media, and a lack of transparency around candidate selection, we risk going backwards. To counter this threat, we urge voters to support women candidates and for politicians to adopt the priorities in the Manifesto for Women and Girls developed collectively by organisations fighting discrimination. On the centenary of the first woman sitting in parliament, we must be aware of the dangers of slippage. We must demand better. "

Download the Women and Girls Manifesto 2019 here.

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